By Titto Jose

The Drupal 6 & 7 is shipped with jQuery library which is older than the current version that is available. Drupal 6 has version 1.2.6 and drupal 7 has 1.4.4. This offcourse can be updated to newer version using jQuery update module (Drupal 6 to jQuery 1.3.2 & Drupal 7 to jQuery 1.5.1, 1.7.1, or 1.8.2). For Drupal 7 I have seen that it causes certain minor issues (especially in Views UI) when it is set to 1.8. So the safest you can update to is 1.7 (correct me if I am wrong).


By Titto Jose

Earlier I did an article about how I created sticky blocks which scrolls along, when the pages are scrolled down (Sticky Blocks). Here is an update to that code. In earlier code, if an image is present in the content, the browsers fail to recognize the correct height of the content. This is because the height is taken before the images are loaded. A workaround for this is to execute the code after image load (as suggested in a stackoverflow thread).

What I did is I put the codes to...

By Titto Jose

My objective was to create a block which remains as a sticky block in the sidebar of the page when the window is scrolled. Also the blocks below the sticky block need to move along with it. The sticky blocks should stop moving once they reach the end of sidebar and no longer should move when the page is scrolled.

The basic script I got it from here (, which I modified for my purpose. I needed additional features, such as the blocks (blocks may vary on different...