Views Infinite Ajax Scroll

It's just a drupal 7 module created for fun to integrate Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin. Lately I came across with this jquery plugin which is very simple to use on existing pages with normal pager. For views listing with pager you don't have to enable Ajax to use this.

How to integrate this without the module? Well you need to include the plugin file the drupal way using drupal_add_js() at theme level or in .info file or any other right way you can think of suiting your requirements. Then configure it as said in the "Getting started" page by giving correct classes as selectors in a few lines of code.

So why create a module to integrate this plugin when it's integration method is already simple? As I said this module was created for fun :) . Also if somebody feels that using this module is much simpler than the methods said above feel free to use this module. I have created a sanbox module at here. And it's also available at github.

This module is just to integrate the Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin as pager for drupal views module.
The plugin is not part of this module. You need to get it from here.
Make sure you read and agree to the plugin terms of use before using it.